Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Minecraft Cakes are Super Popular!

My kids are OBESESSED with Minecraft as of lately, lol!  Usually I'm not so fond of my kids sitting around and playing 'mindless' video games all day, but for some reason I don't mind Minecraft so much because they're actually doing something productive in the game by building a town/city, etc.  I think it's useful for kids (and adults) to be able to learn valuable skill sets and it's good to know that there are a few games out there that are actually helping kids learn something constructive (literally :).

And here's another Minecraft cake for your enjoyment... What's crazy is how long just cutting out the pixellated figures take :-o...

Yolanda reported back that the chocolate fudge cake was "the best they've ever had!"  I truly love receiving such positive feedback :-D...

Thursday, October 24, 2013

3D Puppy Cake

Clients often times come to us and want us to match designs and colors with decor or perhaps an invitation, and I have to say I always get excited at the challenge of getting the design and colors just right with a good flow. The cake actually matched the color exactly, but due to the lighting in the picture it looks darker.

Yet, with all that said, I was thrilled (along with Samantha, Cadence's Mom) at how this one-year old puppy themed birthday cake turned out...

The Invitation...

The Cake:

And the cake itself was our award winning "Cookies and Cream Milkshake" cake flavor that won "Best Cupcake Flavor" in The 2012 Colorado Chocolate Festival.

Nothing Like a "Bloody Brain Cake" for Halloween :-D

Our Bloody Brain Cake from Halloween Revisited to keep you in the Holiday Spirit!

And what's even better is that it's a WEDDING reception cake ;-D, lol!  No Joke!  Most definitely a fun couple with a most gory sense of humor..... Mwah-haaah-haaaaaaah!

Spiderman in 3D

Here's a Spiderman 3D Torso Cake from awhile ago...

Dr. Who?

Anyone recognize these robots from that old TV show Dr. Who?  I thought this was a lot of fun... A bride and groom couple as a wedding cake held at The Evergreen Country Club.  I received some fabulous feedback that the cake was a huge hit with the bride and groom (big fans of the show ;-D)

Colorado Chocolate Festival 2013-WE WON!!!

So we walked away with "Best Birthday Cake" and a $500.00 Prize this Year from The Colorado Chocolate Festival held each year in May.  What was surprising is that we also won "Best Open Class" in the Chocolate Competition for my first time Cranberry Cherry Caramel Chocolate Cluster and a $100 prize for that one.  For my first time in actually creating chocolates, I have to say that's pretty cool to win ;-D.

Sweet Time in The Rockies ICES Sugar Arts Show 2013

Our Cake from The Colorado Sugar Arts Show. The Theme was Aviation in 2013.  Unfortunately, due to several cake orders we had that week from our clients (you always come first ;), we weren't able to spend as much time and finish the detail work (ie, the goggles and make-up on the pilot), but overall I was happy to have a cake to present.

It's always a great time and place to learn if you're interested in cake decorating and learning sugar artistry.  You can get more information at the Sweet Time's Facebook Page HERE.  The Sugar Arts Show is held annually at The Denver Convention Center coinciding with The Colorado Home and Garden Show. The show is open to all ages and all levels of artistry and there are some pretty nice prizes.